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Stratasys Expands 3D Printing Adoption Through Simplification at SOLIDWORKS World 2016

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Stratasys is expanding the adoption of 3D printing and driving innovation by simplifying the design-to-3D print workflow. New Stratasys Creative Colors Software, powered by the Adobe 3D Color Print Engine, introduces greater ease of use (including automated STL repair, WYSIWYG color preview and direct connection to Objet Connex3 3D printers), plus vibrant gradient colors, color textures and patterns. That means for the first time you can easily 3D print models which combine multiple gradient colors and multiple material properties!

Watch Stratasys North America President John Gould present Stratasys’ approach to 3D printing simplification. This segment was filmed at SOLIDWORKS World 2016 in Dallas.

ตามไปดู Stratasys อธิบายกระบวนการ 3D Printing ในงาน SOLIDWORKS World 2016

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